Calculation Input
Temperature (T)
Pressure (P) Bar_a

1. 개 요

     본 프로그램은 스팀테이블로서 주어진, 온도,압력상태에서의 물 또는
     스팀의 10가지 열역학 물성치를 계산함.

2. 기 능

     주어진 온도, 압력에 따른 다음 8가지 열역학 물성치를 계산함

     - State [Steam/Water]
     - Boiling Temperature (Tb) [℃]
     - Vapor Pressure (Pv) [Bar_a]
     - Specific Volume (Vs) [M3/kg]
     - Specific Enthalpy (H) [kcal/kg]
     - Heat Capacity (Cp) [kcal/kgK]
     - Dynamic Viscosity (μ) [10-6 Pa S]
     - Thermal Conductivty (λ) [W/Km]

3. 제작근거

     IFC 67 기준

4. 제한사항

     다음 온도, 압력 범위내의 물/스팀에 대해서만 사용가능 함.

     - 온도범위 : 273.16 K < T < 623.15 K
     - 압력범위 : 대기압 < P < 1000 Bar

5. 참 고

     스팀테이블의 국제 공인코드에 대한 설명입니다. 산업용으로 사용으로 적합한
     것은 IAPWS-IF97과 IFC-67 코드가 되겠음.

     ○ The IAPWS Formulation for General and Scientific Use (IAPWS-95)
         This is the formulation approved by the International Association of
         the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) in 1995 for general and scientific use.
         This formulation provides the most accurate representation of the thermodynamic
         properties of water an steam over a wide range of temperature and pressure.
     ○ The IAPWS Formulation for Industrial Use (IAPWS-IF97)

         This is the IAPWS approved formulation of industrial and special use.
         The industrial formulation is based on an approximation of the scientific formulation
         and is generally used in situations where computational speed is of importance.
         The IAPWS-IF97 formulation is recommended by the IAPWS be used as the basis for
         contracts beginning January 1, 1999, with respect to performance test calculations
         for those machinery and systems using steam.
         The IAPWS-IF97 replaces the previous IFC-67.

     ○ The NBS/NRC Formulation (NBS/NRC-84)
         This is the previous standard formulation approved for scientific and general use by
         the IAPWS in 1984. The work was done by members of the National Bureau of Standards
         and the National Research Council of Canada.

     ○ The Industrial Formulation of 1967 (IFC-67)

         This, older, but widely accepted, formulation is based on the 1967 IFC formulation for
         industrial use. This formulation is also the basis of the ASME Steam Tables, 6th Edition.

     ○ Keenan and Keyes (1969)

         Probably the most widely known and used Steam Tables authored by J. H. Keenan, F. G.
         Keyes, P. G. Hill, and J. G. Moore.